The Force Awakens and the Art of the Tease

The collection of trailers that have appeared for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and one could argue the entire marketing strategy employed for the film, has been a successful exercise in the art of the tease. In November 2014, a short (one minute and twenty-six second) trailer revealed very little, yet still got fans salivating for what […]

Dark Side of the M.A.N.T.A Force

“Dawn on Earth’s twin planet. A mighty space ship hovers, dark and silent, above the battle fortress”  “It’s the Black Barracuda! One Christmas in the late 1980s my Dad, as a gift to himself, purchased a hefty VHS camcorder. With his new toy he recorded me and my elder sister excitedly opening our presents. The […]

Machines of Loving Grace: How Star Trek Sexualised Technology. (Original darft of Reimagining Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

Machines of Loving Grace: How Star Trek sexualised technology. By Stephen Lee Naish In his 1973 novel Crash, British author J.G Ballard created a world in which its protagonists achieved sexual arousal by witnessing or being part of a car crash. The lurid accounts of twisted metal, pieced cut flesh and smashed limbs symbolised a […]